Camshaft Help

​Choosing the correct camshaft for your application varies widely depending upon your vehicle's modifications and its  intended use. The camshaft is the mechanical brain of your vehicle. No other component has a more dramatic effect on the engine's efficiency, power, and driveability than the cam.

Because of this, you must choose wisely. Since information is power, the more information we have about your combo, the better we can go about selecting the right cam, ideal for your application.

Patrick Guerra provides general cam information on numerous automotive discussion forums (screen name Patrick G), but if you would like specific cam recommendations, the information below shows how to get the process started. 


​Custom Camshaft Ordering

Patrick Guerra can specify a camshaft for the General Motors LS Engine family that is custom-tailored for your application for a $25-$40 fee.  The $25 fee is for normal delivery and the $40 fee is for rush delivery of cam specs. For payment instructions, see below. You will be provided with a cam recommendation sheet containing lobe numbers, duration, LSA, plus camshaft advance, and if available, recommended spring selection and recommended pushrod length. You can then e-mail or fax your Guerra Group custom camshaft sheet to the recommended manufacturer for grinding. Please keep in mind that The Guerra Group does not sell the cams. They only provide the profile information which you can use to have the ideal cam ground for your application.​​ 


​Starting in 2016 you  now have a choice of cam suppliers: Cam Motion or Texas Speed. The new custom PG lobe camshafts from Cam Motion feature 8620 aircraft grade, vacuum degassed, carburized steel cam cores. This offers a significant wear advantage over the 5150 induction hardened steel commonly used by most other cam vendors who grind LSX Camshafts. Ground under license by Cam Motion, the all-new PG lobes address the majority of complaints enthusiasts have voiced about past cam construction. The new PG lobes will rev higher, run quieter, and last longer than most of the ‘fast ramp rate’ cam lobes that are currently mass marketed for use in the LSX Engine. The new PG lobe cams from Cam Motion are also guaranteed to be within 1/2 degree of specified duration and most importantly, specified intake centerline. If you order a cam that is 112LSA with 4 degrees of advance, you are guaranteed to get a cam within 1/2 degree of 108 intake centerline with the new PG cams. The cost for a custom PG LS hydraulic cam or solid roller cam on a 3 bolt 8620 cam core is $445. If you want the PG lobes on a single bolt VVT cam  core, the cost is $495.


The Texas Speed camshaft lobes are ground on the more affordable 5150 induction hardened steel cam cores. The cams come in .550", .600", .615" , .630" and .649" lift ranges on a 1.7 rocker ratio. The Texas Speed cams are ground  on a state of the art Landis digital CNC cam grinder like used by the OEMs. The cost of a Patrick G-specified Texas Speed cam on a 5150 3 bolt cam core is $389. The cost of a Texas Speed single bolt VVT cam ground in 5150 is $479. Please specify whether you want 5150 Texas Speed lobes when ordering because otherwise, all cam recommendations will feature the 8620 PG lobes by Cam Motion.

Instructions to receive your cam specs:


1. Submit your $25-$40 payment via PayPal. Order buttons are below.

2. To make sure we have all the information on your vehicle, engine, and it's intended use, we need to have you download and fill out the information sheet by ​clicking here: Custom Cam Questionnaire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

3. Fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible then send back as an attachment to: . If you have trouble attaching the document, you may copy the entire document and paste the text into the body of your email. The questions highlighted in red are very important. Please make sure you answer them. If you do not know some of the answers reply with "don't know" or if it's unmodified, then reply with "stock".

PayPal payment options.
For rush delivery of your custom cam
specs within 2 business days: $40.00 USD
For normal delivery of your custom
cam specs: $25.00 USD

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